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CAMO Studio

Marcus Owens is an architect and Founder of CAMO Studio.
Berkeley PhD in Design and Science and Technology Studies trained at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Focused on public space and mobilities design research and strategy with international project management experience consulting for government and NGOs on socio-cultural aspects of sustainability using digital methods, ethnography, and public engagement.

Liza Lichtinger

CEO of Future Design Life

Liza is a thought-leading executive, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, futurist, psychologist bridging the Wellness Tech Industry, CEO of Future Design Life, and VC advisor on neurobehavioral drivers of human & financial performances. Recently, Liza served as the Director of Research at the AI Foundation, applying research grants in human machine interaction to launch the Deepak Chopra AI product and publish in the AGI Springer journal. Reflecting on the various threats preventing positive evolution, Liza left AIF to focus on human and planetary wellness. A few months later a global pandemic emerged, as CEO of Future Design Life, Liza globally deployed her Resilience Recovery Response to encourage investors and entrepreneurs to adopt practices that serve the greater good, incentivize sustainable circular economies. Liza works on various behavior change projects at Stanford Labs and was honored to learn peace policy under Martin E. Hellman. At Venture Liza leads partnerships.

Liza holds an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Psychotherapy with a Behavioral Neuroscience Focus, graduate level Mindfulness degrees, computer and data science training, a BA/BS in Psychology, Philosophy, and Slavid Languages, and attended and received a certificate from the ILR school at Cornell University in Human Capital Development, Labor/Law/Human Relations/Human Resources. She is passionate about mentoring accelerators, advising incubators and founders, serving on boards, delivering keynotes and public speaking about human resilience, wellness tech, planetary wellbeing, how to incentivize sustainable and circular economies, is a lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, and invests in Human Capital Development.

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